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19th October – Grand Reopening.

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19th October – Grand Reopening.

28 September 2013

Raised The Roof

After many years of fund-raising, and a lot of hard work by contractors and core team of Supporters, we have finished our rennovation work – and we did literally raise the roof. Over the 6 week summer vacation 2013 we :

  • Emptied our storage building
  • Removed and replaced the roof on the storage building
  • Refilled the storage building.
  • Painted the main building throughout
  • Rewired the main hall, with new cabling, switching, power sockets, and capacity for emergency lighting in the futuree
  • Removed and replaced the floor.

See our Before and After for a clear view of what we achieved.

We are having a grand re-opening event on the 19th October 2013 to celebrate the completion of this major work. All members, supporters, ex-members and ex-supporters are invited to attend.

A massive thank you to the supporters of the Group who made this possible – including : Keith and Joanne Nixon, Bev Poore, Nicky Dodds and many others for their fund raising images across the years, and Dennis Smith, Katie Flury, Nicky Dodds, Claire Foxhall for their efforts in the rewiring and redecoration.

Also a massive thank you to the Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Leaders who helped in anyway with the fund-raising and time given during the rennovation.